Unifying data and decision support for agriculture and the food supply chain without restrictions

Solving data fragmentation to help You mitigate issues

Highlighting hidden patterns and trends in Your data

Sharing public datasets valuable to Your agricultural business

Keeping Your data safe and secure on a cloud-based dashboard

Introducing GlasCore

Our vision is to unite the agricultural sector and food supply chain with a universal data dashboard. We aim to enhance farm management through data automation and easy aggregation.

GlasCore works Your way

GlasCore’s design keeps You and Your business operation in mind. We aim to provide You with a superior and intuitive experience to help drive Your business.

Easy Data Entry

Enter your data quickly, so you can focus on the work that matters.

Data Aggregation

GlasCore collects data from any source and provides you with key business insights.


Review the productivity and yield of your agricultural business with research data or your requirements.
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Clear Data Visualisation

GlasCore’s simplistic dashboard allows you to make informed decisions faster.

Automated Data Analysis

Key insights help you to recognise patterns in your data for faster decisions and actions.

Latest Agricultural Research

You can make informed on-farm decisions with data from renowned research institutes.


Your GlasCore experience will be easy and intuitive. We value your feedback; our aim is to make your experience the best it can be.


You’ll give yourself more time. GlasCore’s design saves you time by storing all your data on one platform. Access and review your data quickly and easily.

Fully Customisable

Your data can be from any source. We support your business objectives, no matter what. GlasCore visualises data vital to your agricultural business.

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Decision support increases
productivity, profits and yields

We know farmers face increasing challenges. An explosion of agri- tech floods the market and aggregating these siloed data sources is difficult.

Now, the ability to automate, aggregate, and analyse for informed management decisions is critical. Our data management dashboard, GlasCore, provides decision support; it unites the agricultural sector.

  • Automated data collection
  • Clear data visualisation
  • Latest research data
  • Privacy and control
  • Data aggregation
  • Secure storage

Global population
9.7bn by 2050

70% Increase in
production needed

Mt / HA increase
driven by data & technology

Glas Data solution to
unify & drive productivity

Integrate Your connected IoT devices and sensors

We’ve partnered with commercial Internet of Things installer and LoRaWAN expert, Ver Facil. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects wireless devices to the cloud. You’ll save time and have greater connectivity across Your farm with IoT devices.


Automated Information Updates

IoT keeps you updated, so you can make more informed decisions wherever you are.

Streamlines Workflow

You don’t need to collect your data. IoT devices collect and send your data to your GlasCore account quickly through Machine-to-Machine (M2M) relationships.

Data Control

All your data is controlled and transferred in one place, so you don’t have to manage it.

Management Support

IoT devices collect and send your data to your GlasCore account. You can manage your agricultural business on- the-go.

Connects Siloed Machine Data

IoT networks connect data devices and sensors making your data more available to you.

Simplifies Data Collection

IoT devices and sensors collect your data, so you’ve more time.

Mapping tools offer You greater insights

We’re working with our research and geospatial partners Agrimetrics, Rothamsted Research and Ordnance Survey to visualise field productivity for Your agricultural business.

  • Yield Probabilty
  • Soil Carbon Sequestration
  • Fertiliser Application Guidance
  • Soil Water Content and Discharge
  • Financial Modelling

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Delivering dynamic features to You

Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research

Research & Predictive
Modelling Partner

Our partnership with non-profit research centre, Rothamsted Research, focuses on visualising agricultural field performance for you.



Data Supplier & Data
Science Partner

We’re working with big data science and modelling company, Agrimetrics, to provide you with geospatial data.

Ver Facil

Ver Facil

IoT LoRaWAN Partner

Our commercial Internet of Things installer and LoRaWAN partner, Ver Facil, is working with us to bring easy data collection to you.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

Mapping Partner

We’re in partnership with geospatial experts, Ordnance Survey, so we can provide you with geospatial data.

Your data belongs to You

We ensure that Your data is stored and used how You’d like it to be. You can rest assured that we handle Your data safely and legally.

protected data

Full details are in our Privacy Policy.


Corporate Overview

Glas Data is driven to simplify the world of precision farming and unlock the value of the data it produces; saving farmers time and money while improving efficiency and yields.

GlasCore is an easy-to-use cloud-based agricultural management and decision support solution. It uniquely brings precision data from any source into one place, offering enhanced data automation, aggregation, clear visualisation and reporting.

Placing dynamic data aggregation into the hands of farmers, agri-service businesses and processors supports their productivity. GlasCore provides a unique opportunity to visualise production, automate workflow, streamline operation and mitigate issues.

New data experience

GlasCore’s design is highly adaptable, visually appealing and user-friendly.
You can use GlasCore on-the-go and focus on specific data to achieve Your business objectives

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chart creator
dashboard main
IoT device connect

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